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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  September 1, 2011 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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>> it's g.p. and the fergs, epilogue. [meow] craig: got to be quick tonight. geoff: i'll keep quick. craig: did you have sex with a raft? geoff: yes. craig: good night, everybody.
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0001>> back into the same school with her attacker. . >> also tonight poisonous snakes. they've attacked people locally and hurricane irene may be to blame. >> plus 9/11 that lives in our
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minds. afterwards the 9/11 commission made tons of recommendations but as you are about to see this is still broken. >> 9news now. >> it's been more than 7 years since the 9/11 commission made recommendations on how to survive and avoid a terror attack. as we approach the 10th anniversary? >> near a quarter of those implications have not been recommended. could be at risk for a repeat of that day. >> first responders couldn't talk to each other because they were on different radio frequencies using different equipment. >> when fireman can't talk to policeman, rescue workers, people die. >> and in new york, they did. >> we definitely had a consequence. >> tim was the commander at the
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pentagon. >> communication is critical. without that we put responders at risk every single day. >> members of the 9/11 commissioner recommended a dedicated frequency for first responders wednesday that tried the fact it hasn't happened. >> 10 years we still can't talk to each other. >> structure the way it oversees terrorism efforts. >> it has increased the bureaucratic bloat that has made our intelligence much less than it should be. >> the country still needs better coordination with a clear chain of demand. better screening for explosives, standards, better screening of board he shalls. >> there's no doubt there's many things we need to continue to work on, there's no question. >> the associated pressreports
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the feds are now encouraging increased security. >> let's talk radio frequencies. it doesn't sound hard to get everybody on the same page. >> if not, except. this is very very valuable band width. the industry wants it so it can handle all those portable devices. some in congress wants to sell that for big money. they'll let first responders use it during emergencies but cell networks that went down, first responders say they don't want to rely on industry at times of national emergency. >> appreciate the update. new at 11:00, president obama has agreed to move the jobs from september 7th to the 8th. house speaker asked the president to change that date because it was the same night as a republican
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presidential debate. they will now have to go against a football game. >> upset mother fears she and her daughter will have to relive a nightmare that happened last year. ken has more. >> it was a year ago a dc high school student was walking home from hd wood son high. she was attacked by another teenage girl. then came over here for her safety only to find out her attacker from a year ago is also now enrolled here. >> we firsted told you about this video that made national headlines last year. the victim who is now 18 years old is seen trying to defend herself from another teenage girl. >> my daughter still had back pain from her spine hitting the guardrail. >> her mother who didn't want to be identified says it's bad
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enough to go through this once. now, she says the attacker is back in the picture because somehow she's also a student here. the same school the victim went to to avoid further problems. >> what i'm being told is that there was no red flag so the school didn't know not to let her in the building. >> dc public schools has dropped the ball in eninsuring her safety. her mentor tells 9news she wants to graduate without any problems and disruptions. >> there's a strong possibility when you go back one person has a group of friends and it brings more people into the fold to commit more violence. >> her loved ones are asking for something to be done for her successful graduation. >> i would like for them to take
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the necessary precautions to prevent this. >> as a guardian, you have to feel they let us down. >> less than 30 minutes ago i heard back from a dc public school spokesman who sent an e-mail. the principle is aware of the problem. he says, he will deal with it and address the families involved. live, ken molestina, 9news. >> looks like gary will not be a free man. prosecutors do not have enough to charge him. but they are considering him the prime suspect. today we also got confirmation he had in fact taken out a 1.5 million dollar travel accident policy and he was all set to collect on it. he claims she disappeared while
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snorkeling. ment. now to taxpayer money. it's a place in northeast now called the stadium club. his name is keith forney and may have contributed 6,000 dollars. the stadium club has nothing to do with cornell jones. build a training center for people with aides and hiv. that's supposed to be at the same location. the dc attorney general is suing jones that he used that money to enrich himself. >> comments you heard first here on 9news now. >> we live in the ghetto, all this stuff happens. hit and run drivers. >> yesterday talking about damage done to his car while the car was parked outside his home. tonight some of his neighbors
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are expressing hurt and disappointment about his ghetto remark. >> it's not the ghetto back here. >> do you support her? >> not after that. >> this is a nice neighborhood. you do have rowdy neighbors. >> barry says he filed a police report but today dc police tell us they can't find a record of that report being filed. never normally associated with the late doctor martin luther king but maya, anjelo is how it comes across. >> this is in the context if you are looking for some way to classify me say that i was this. >> the inscription reads i was a drum major for justice, peace
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and righteousness. the original quote was if you want to say i was a drum major, say i was a drum major. including the lincoln, jefferson and vietnam memorials. regardless of what words, the intent and meaning is not lost in translation. >> a leaky roof, a big problem. a leak ee washington monument, really big problems. they say they've now found small pools of standing water inside the monument. so now the crews will work to close those gaps. the monument is structurally sound. the bad news, it is still closed. >> a woman is telling an incredible story. >> the woman is recovering in the hospital after being bitten by a poisonous snake right in her own backyard. >> i don't know what i was thinking. >> debra says the fear of snakes
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has never been on her list of phobias. that was before she was bitten by a poisonous one of her backyard. >> not a bad idea to be afraid. >> around 6:00 last night getting ready for her son's party. when she moved this chest, she found this small snake. she picked the snake up with her hands to show children that small snakes can't hurt you. within seconds the snake bit her and hurt her badly. >> it was much more painful than i thought it would be. >> the snake was a northern copper head. one of two types of poisonous snakes. within minutes, her hand started swelling. so she called 911 and rushed to shady grove hospital. where given several doses of
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antivenum are, her hand started going down. a few hours after she was admitted, another resident was treated at the hospital after he too was bitten by a poisonous northern copper head. >> definitely unusual amount of snakebites. >> doctors say last week's earthquake and hurricane brought a number of snakes closer in contact with people. debra agrees and is hoping by the time she goes back home in the next day or so the snakes go back where they came from. >> i think my snake's days are over. >> so how rare are poisonous snakebites around here? normally, they only see about two or three snakebites all year. that's the same number they've seen in the past few weeks. the other poisonous snake is called the timber
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rattle snake. how nice. >> now a hurricane tonight category 1 with sustained winds at 75 miles per hour. still moving west north west. we'll talk more later but first here's a look at your wake up weather for thursday morning. temperatures cool sunny. 9:00 mostly sunny. 62 to 72 degrees. >> still ahead. does being less attractive make you less likely to get a job? cute or qualified? pretty versus prepared. you be the
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. >> offering legal protections to the ugly. that was part of an up bet that had our news room talking. based on looks and
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hiring promotions housing in other areas is against the law. ugliness could be protected generally in the us by the americans with disabilities act. how do you prove it happened is the problem. >> the question comes down to are there comments? did the supervisor say something you can point out or are there other attitudes or behaviors that would suggest something else is going on? applies across the board, certainly in the media, certain flight attendants, for example, they are required to use a particular type of attire. as long as they reply objectively then it's not illegal. >> on the flip side, according to psychology today, beautiful people are perceived to be more intelligent and better pay. >> shakespeare once wrote what's in a snam? try and tell that to folks when
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you are talking about using purified waste water. that is what they are doing here. using it to water the greens and it's saving them some green. >> we can easily spend 100,000 dollars in water. it's 75 percent the cost. so if we spent 100,000 dollars it would be only 75 with the new water source. >> the water is not meant for drinking. it's being treated at the pollution center and the program will pay for itself in 15 years. in the long run it will lower water vils. >> bob barker has your back. animal rights activist. he's asking the city of rockville not to send out the population with controlled kill. city leaders are asking for input on this and in a letter to residents , he finds any method of killing
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dooer to be inhumane. deer shot full of lead are poisonous. that's bob barker's opinion. he is the animal lover in rockville. derek says bob, what about the people in rockville? >> i know his heart is in the right place. i'm more worried about his mind as in mind your own business, dude. you may see bambi like this. actually, that's bob. there's bambi. we see him more like this or sadly like this. it ain't cute. it's dangerous. frankly, cars are the only predator people have to worry about and they are not making impact on the population. according to the national park service study in 2007 the number of deer was 82 per square mile.
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the maximum healthy number, 12 to 15. they are everywhere. that's not cute either. not only are they eating themselves but they are damaging the woods for other wildlife. you say any killing of the deer is unacceptable but what else are we supposed to do? let's be real. this is all mostly our fault. we enkroeched on their habitat but that doesn't change the fact. that rockville hunt would be something. >> i'm not going to touch this one. okay. let's talk weather. >> we talked about a hurricane but we're watching another storm where we're seeing a tropical wave to become a tropical storm. here's a look at that storm. we're going to go south.
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it's just off the north western caribbean. big cloudy mess and this here still not organized yet. as it gets closer into the gulf we're talking about the potential for this system to impact the gulf states over the next couple days. so folks heading to the gulf coast will keep their eye on this system to see if it becomes anything more serious. we'll probably see potential for tropical disturbances to impact labor day travelers. i also want to talk about hurricane katia. category 1. expected to gain strength at 19 miles an hour to category 2 by friday and major hurricane by saturday and sunday. but again, you are safe. not affecting land at least through sunday and looks like it could impact parts of the bermuda.
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too early to say. we'll keep our eye on her. temperatures pretty comfortable. 74 downtown. 66, 65. cool down to 67. a nice night out there. satellite showing high level clouds. high pressure moving off to the coast. see a disturbance tomorrow out in the mountains but still great conditions. don't forget the sun glasses. mainly dry thursday. you can see showers tomorrow, thursday and thursday night into friday around the dc area. the weekend looking to be potentially unsettled. here's a look at your future cast. tomorrow morning is going to be fine but in the afternoon things could fire up in the mountains. should be fairly light amounts of showers and storms. overnight could see pop up storms and pop up showers in the
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dc area but not everyone will see them. so what can you expect tonight as you are sleeping? nice sleeping weather. partly cloudy. lows will be mid 50s to mid 60s. mostly sunny and cold. great for exercise temperatures. in the afternoon really nice day except for the possibility of mountain showers. area quality is code yellow. here's forecast for thursday. win chester 87. 82, low 80s. here's a look at your 7 day forecast. nice through friday and in your weekend we're looking for warmer in the lower 90s. scattered showers and thunder storms. 30 to 40 percent through monday. we've been saying it's not a complete wash out. most of labor day activities. >> thanks.
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>> we're down to one more preseason game. final dress rehearsal. how many times have we heard that this week? how many starters are going to play tomorrow? more than you might expect. why? several reasons and i'm going to break them down. crooked numbers put
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. >> now 9 sports with dave owens. >> may be some reasons to watch tomorrow night. grossman obviously that's not all. the skins have had a list of guys injured who are trying to make their way back. terain has had a broken hand. both expect to play. two defensive players are
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working back from injury. you might see starters play more than normal. he doesn't know what to think. >> kind of weird situation where you are playing but you are not playing that much so how excited do you get? ? >> i'm trying to find that fine line. >> 27 guys will be cut saturday. so players are going to be playing for a roster spot. blades the artist known as hb, inside linebacker might have to shell out as well. john lannans domination of the braves. he's won 6 straight starting tonight. there's johnny, bangs and all
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outside. that's super jones saying i want to rock right now. 450 home run. derek, never hit a home run until tonight. braves beat 3 to 1. . down 11 to nothing and bautista says uhoh. here comes the hammer. all right. time for you to pick dc high school game of the week. sherwood. vote now. winning game on our coverage friday night. . she had withdrawn from several other tournaments leading up to the open.
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she said i'm just happy to have a diagnosis and focusing on getting better. other americans strained abdominal. he advances in. . all right. one of the most unique plays in baseball. inside the park home run. i know what you are saying. oh, no. loses a leg. inside the park home run . no. it's dragged out. that's rough. inside the park, out. >> w


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